About Me


My name is Melissa Kremer. I write fantasy/romance or paranormal romance books. Some of them have a dystopian element as well. My books tend to be fast-paced, focused on developing interesting characters in an interesting world. I love to study a wide variety of subjects, and I feel this makes my writing unique.

One of the main reasons I focus so much on world development in my books is to raise awareness about the mechanisms in place in our society. I studied sociology briefly in school and fell in love with the subject. I am particularly interested in Capitalism and the ways our society has an impact on our psychological and moral behaviours, and by the mechanisms by which the weak and the poor are exploited by the powerful and rich. We have all heard about the 1% versus the 99% and the widening gap between the rich and the poor, and I am fascinated by the systems in place in our society that maintain the status quo and continue to drive this ratio in favour of the rich.

When I’m writing, I really try to create the whole picture, because in our world everything is connected. I believe characters should be influenced by the world around them and the world around them influenced by the characters and the inhabitants, just as we are affected by our world and we can also affect the world around us.

Even though I love magic and the supernatural, I like to use it in such a way that it compliments a world that is relatable to our own. Often I use magic as a metaphor for something more concrete. My fictional worlds contain politics and political parties, religious groups, corporations, media, societal views and values and many other things that we see in our own world. The connections between all these things and how they influence one another is one of the key considerations I make while writing. The effect they can have on a specific character in addition to their own unique experiences is also of great interest to me.

My fascination with character development goes all the way back to when I was a child. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. As a child I became keenly aware of my disability from a young age, not because I needed to wear special braces on my legs or go to weekly physiotherapy sessions, but because I began to notice that other people behaved differently around me than they did around others. Strange curiosity, pity, bullying and even jealousy were some of the reactions I got from my peers every day. Interestingly enough, the fact that I felt ‘different’ from others when I was younger stems not from my physical disability itself, but from how others react to it. In an effort to understand exactly what caused these strange behaviours, I began observing and analyzing the behaviours of both myself and others in order to understand how I could blend in with my peers and be considered their equal. I was a born optimist after all, and believed that I could remedy the problem if I just understood what was causing it. By watching and analyzing others and myself, I developed a deep sense of empathy.

Even though I write dystopian novels, I try not to write depressing books. The strong romantic element in my books is one of the ways I try to keep my novels balanced. My goal is to entertain and to educate, not to depress. I write these kinds of novels because I believe we can make the world better if we try.

This kind of optimism is a big necessity to someone with a disability. There’s no doubt my disability makes life harder in many ways, but it’s also a challenge to be overcome. I have difficulty with many tasks, but the speech impediment I have is my biggest complaint because it is inherently social and interferes with my ability to express my thoughts and connect with people. Sometimes it can feel like a curse, because it naturally causes loneliness. That is why I fell in love with writing from a young age. I feel especially fulfilled as an author, because when I write I feel like I’m talking and connecting with my readers and with people in general. So even if there are challenges in our path, we can always find ways of overcoming them, ways of breaking our curses. Because all obstacles can be overcome and all curses can be broken. The world in which we live is not perfect, but acknowledging this is the first step we can take to try and make it a better place, and this is at the heart of my novels.


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