The Wicked Lands (Book 1)

Who could have imagined this would be the future of Earth? Split into two halves of good and evil, the Holy City and the Wicked Lands, and frozen in immortal time.

The people of the Saved reside in the Holy City with the angels, gifted with the task of judging the demons and those they possess, called Wickeds, who live beyond the city walls where the rest of Earth has become a wasteland known as the Wicked Lands. As a general rule, the Saved people live in pairs of fated lovers called twin souls, which is why Violet has always wondered why she finds herself alone in the Holy City. But upon hearing that her twin soul Alastair may still be lost somewhere in the Wicked Lands, she and her angel friend Leon venture into the dystopian wasteland to find him. Before leaving, the archangels offer them but one warning – whatever they do, don’t fall in love with the Wickeds or the demons that roam the Wicked Lands.

Immediately separated from Leon, Violet must fend for herself in the Wicked Lands, where she finds herself caught up in a web of politics, lies, deceit, and danger at every corner. Coveted for being the only one who can bring death in an immortal world, she has become the target of the many demon lords ruling the ruined cities of the Wicked Lands.

The warning of the archangels weighs on both Violet and Leon’s minds during their time in the Wicked Lands. When Violet finds herself in the company of the mysterious demon Dante, she finds herself drawn in by everything he says, and yet she cannot bring herself to trust him as she struggles to determine his true intentions towards both her and the Wicked Lands.

On top of all this, memories of Violet’s old life begin to resurface during her travels in the Wicked Lands. She soon discovers that they hold the answers to all her questions, like how this world arose from modern Earth, how she came to live in the Holy City, and what really happened to her lost twin soul Alastair.




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